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Going paperless in the pharmaceutical industry

April 25, 2023

In the digital era, moving towards a paperless organization has many benefits. Not only does it give you an advantage over your competitors, but it also makes the internal processes simpler to navigate.

All organizations are dealing with huge amounts of data and documentation, but the problem is even more pronounced in the pharmaceutical industry because of regulatory oversight. Documentation is generated both with internal processes and external collaboration. Much of this needs to be generated in paper format but can be processed and stored electronically. Other paperwork can totally be removed by logging it electronically directly.

So, what are the benefits of shifting from paper to electronic format?

Well for one, it is definitely easier to store data electronically. The other is that accessing this data is also quicker in a digital format. Lastly, digital comes with inherent time stamping, which is crucial for audit purposes.

With so many benefits to gain, the industry should look at ways to leverage this to its advantage. How can this be done? Let’s find out.

Simplifying documentation using technology

Documents are generated at almost every step of the pharmaceutical enterprise management such as clinical trials, drug development, manufacturing, supply chain management, warehouse management, compliance management, training etc. Physical storage of this magnitude comes with a high cost of storage. Moreover, failure to appropriately manage this voluminous data can pose a compliance risk.

On the other hand, a well-managed information flow, electronic time-stamped logs, and centralized view leads to better efficiencies, greater adherence to quality, and quicker response to internal or external queries.

Organizations need to deploy resources to keep these documents filed in a systematic manner while ensuring that these are available whenever needed for audit and compliance purposes. All significant events and interventions must be maintained in a clear and error-free manner. In addition, the information must be stored securely so that unauthorized users cannot access the sensitive information.

While all this can be a mammoth task when done manually, it is much simpler and easier through the use of technology.

Here are some digital solutions to get started toward a paperless office:

  1. 1) Document Scan Management: Documents from multiple sources in the value chain system continue to be in paper form. Through the use of the right applications, these can be scanned and stored electronically. What this does is it brings a way to store efficiently, makes access easier when required, and leads to longevity of storage. Applications are available for a quick scan and store with indexing.
  2. 2) Electronic document management: These systems are invaluable for a paperless office approach. They allow people to document the steps electronically. The pre-populated fields, prompts, and templates allow easy and error-free documentation. It also brings in standardization which makes review easier. These applications can be integrated with other applications for a clearer view of processes, interventions, and quality checks. Such centralized visibility in turn can improve business performance and support strategy development.
  3. 3) Log management: There are many activities performed daily in the warehouse that need to be meticulously documented. When warehouse management applications are used, these activities can be traced accurately and in sequence. The log application can be adjusted to fit the workflow requirements. The benefits reflect in early identification of lapses, and a better standard of delivery.
  4. 4) Incidence management: Whenever there is an incident, technology can be used to investigate these and support the implementation of corrective course. These are also stored in a central repository, which provides speedy access for verification and audit requirements.
  5. 5) Learning management:These systems help organizations stay complaint with training needs. Applications can help the organization in creating and delivering learning solutions, as well as tracking the progress. These can be integrated with DMS and biometric identification to ensure authentication and send targeted training materials.

So, are you ready to ready to go digital? Contact our experts.