Reduce human intervention processes through automation

Reduce human intervention processes through automation Automation is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. It is estimated by McKinsey that about 50% of existing activities in the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry can be automated. This shows immense potential for organizational transformation. The pharmaceutical industry is a highly regulated and process-driven industry that can benefit manifold from […]

Looking towards the future: The potential of technology in the pharmaceutical industry

The world is changing at a remarkable pace and organizations must look at responding efficiently to these challenges. From shifting employee expectations to evolving consumer demands, the waves of change require a new approach that has technology at its core. The future of the pharma industry will be driven by these emerging trends and 4IR […]

Going paperless in the pharmaceutical industry

In the digital era, moving towards a paperless organization has many benefits. Not only does it give you an advantage over your competitors, but it also makes the internal processes simpler to navigate. All organizations are dealing with huge amounts of data and documentation, but the problem is even more pronounced in the pharmaceutical industry […]

Quality management for compliance using tech

Quality goes hand-in-hand with compliance Safe and efficacious products are non-negotiable in the pharmaceutical industry. This is why stringent quality standards are laid down by various regulatory bodies. Given the legal and ethical issues involved, it is important to stay compliant with the established quality standards. Quality issues may occur at any stage of the […]

Compliance in the pharmaceutical industry

Adherence to regulatory and ethical standards is critical in the pharmaceutical industry. Compliance ensures that pharmaceutical products are safe, effective, and in line with industry standards Failure to comply can happen at any point in the pharmaceutical process such as clinical trials, quality checks, supply chain management, etc. Robust systems need to be in place […]